Programme Management

What Is A Programme?

Programme Management means different things within different organisations. A Programme could mean any of the following:

  • The programme is responsible for delivering an outcome, while projects within the programme deliver contributing discrete chunks
  • The programme is the management of a portfolio of projects
  • The programme is itself a large and complex project, with an increased focus on integration
Focus on integration
Focus on integration and dependencies

What Are The Benefits Of Programme Management?

Typically, when an organisation requires a programme manager, the underlying need is the coordination of a set of related projects. This coordination will include:

  • A common governance and methodology
  • Alignment on visions, goals and objectives
  • Common quality assurance
  • Prioritisation and assignment of budget
  • Prioritisation and assignment of resources and people
  • Integration of the individual project’s deliverables
  • Planning across projects
  • Programme Sponsor, Project Sponsors, Stakeholders and Management

In some organisations, programmes may have a finite duration, just as a project does. In other organisations, programmes are on-going.

Planning across projects
Planning across projects

How Can Peak Cadence Help With Programme Management?

Whatever your programme management needs, we have extensive experience working within large corporations and scale-ups within programme management. Please contact Dan Hill for further information.

If your organisation is working within the SAFe framework, we can also supply Release Train Engineers.

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