Agile Software Development

As a boutique agency, we offer bespoke software development to help bring your project alive.

We can work as individual consultants on your project, or we can run the entire development project for you, including:

  • Helping you to formulate a product roadmap
  • Working with your product owner or helping you to assign a product owner within your organisation, and ensuring they know what is required of the role
  • Setting up daily scrum meetings
  • Agreeing on agile project management tools, such as: Jira, Agilean, Trello.
  • Agreeing on cadence and release cycles
  • Ensuring that sound architectural and engineering decisions are made to maximise scalability, robustness, scalability and interoperability
  • Helping you to decide if and how your product should run in the cloud
  • Agreeing on quality assurance methodologies and tools
  • Helping to choose the best technologies for the project
    • Programming languages
    • Run-time environments
    • Open source components and libraries
    • Development environments
    • Source repositories
    • Continuous build and integration
    • Deployment processes and tools
  • Recruitment or supply of team members including software engineers, scrum masters and specialists with DevOps and SRE mindsets and skills

We collaborate closely with you, and stand ready to help you make the best architectural and engineering decisions for your product.

Please contact Dan Hill to discuss how we can help.

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